Imagine Studio - Drag & Drop AR/VR Creation Platform

When working on a project, we grew the habit of creating internal productivity tools for our production team. These boosted our efficiency, sped up development time and even allowed us to hit nearly impossible timelines (eg. one week for a full app turn-over). 

And after many projects, we’ve accumulated a novel set of tools for AR and VR creation. Therefore, we decided to build a product on top these collection - the Imagine Studio.

The Imagine Studio is a drag-and-drop AR/VR creation platform which allows users to create, publish and share hand-crafted experiences without any coding knowledge. It highlights a wide variety of features from image-based AR, gyroscope-based AR, SLAM, face tracking, virtual reality and mixed reality. It also supports content from simple photos, videos, 360 photos, 360 videos (mono-stereo), animated 3D models, PBR materials, reskin-able minigames and many more.

While still in its early stages, we’ve validated to a closed set of testers such as professional artists, animators and freelancers which yielded positive feedback. We’ve also used the technology in two successful events - one of which propelled the viewer app inside App Store’s #10 in Entertainment and #3 Trending in Google Play.

Further, we’ve explored the feasibility in the education space which yielded very interesting results - third graders from the University of the Philippines Integrated school we’re able to create their very own AR Zoo.

The platform is currently in early beta which runs on both Windows and Mac and our team is looking to expand to a more accessible web version. We’re currently finding the right market for our platform. And waiting for the right partner/investor to propel the product forward.