"We are Imagineers."


Since our founding in 2017, we’ve worked with globally-renowned agencies and game-studios in developing apps and experiences for the world’s biggest brands. We’ve succeeded in bringing cutting-edge XR technology into their commercial apps which are used by millions of users. We understand the technology, creativity and processes in working with brands and their audience.

"Everything you can imagine is real."

-Pablo Picasso

Our dedication to Research and Development (R&D) is the secret behind our successes. Our team members are pioneers in the industry and have been developing head-tracking and gesture algorithms way before the first Oculus was released. And our passion for creating games precedes even the app stores.

We are a fearless cross-functional team of developers and artists who loves to push boundaries, and make the impossible, possible. We inspire and innovate through technology and art.

Imagine Realities is currently based in Australia with its main production team in Manila, which is the #1 AR, VR, and game development studio in the Philippines. And we have been providing services remotely for clients all over the world.